Welcome to the new website of the Shorinji Kempo Leeds dojo! We are dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of Shorinji Kempo in the Leeds area.


Shorinji Kempo is a diverse martial art, combining traditional and modern aspects. Our training comprises, among other things:

  • Goho, or hard techniques (strikes, blocks, evasion);
  • Juho, or soft techniques (releases, throws, joint locks);
  • Seiho, or therapeutic massage;
  • Zazen, or seated meditation;
  • Tetsugaku, or philosophy study.


Studying Shorinji Kempo has many benefits, but the three key goals are:

  • Build a healthy body;
  • Cultivate a healthy mind;
  • Develop ability in self-defence.

Learn more hereget in touch, or just turn up and join a lesson – beginners are always welcome!